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Corporate Astrology

Strong Astrological solutions for the long term Business & Corporate Growth based on specialized Corporate Astrology by experts at The Astrology Centre.

The foundational horoscope (the starting date of the company or the day of official registration in the chamber of commerce will do), combined with the horoscope of the Owner or Director gives us many indications about favorable months or years of expansion, development, foreign investments, fusion with other companies etcetera.

The success of a company is to a large degree dependent on many factors that are out of control of all people concerned. The two horoscopes mentioned here give us the insight in the cosmic factors which are otherwise completely neglected. By studying these horoscopes we can harness the cosmic forces for the welfare and success of all concerned!

Corporate Astro-numerology Report

From the foundational horoscope of a company an analysis can be made of the strong and weak points of the company. We can find solutions for difficulties, and we can determine auspicious times for expansion, consolidation or re-organization of the company.

Apart from the foundational horoscope, the personal horoscope of the owner or director of the company gives us a powerful key to the success of the company.

His or her horoscope will show during which periods and in which field of action great profits can be made. It indicates which new sources of income may be successfully developed.

Corporate Name & Imaging

In this divine service, based on the birth data (such as date/time/place of birth) of the directors/owners /proprietor , we suggest an astrological corporate strategy that may include a business makeover plan, corporate name/s for the company or firm, brand names for the products (names that are very powerful and make the product attractive ),most auspicious time (magnetic positive forces) to start production/distribution/services etc. For this service, apart from the birth data of the main person/s behind the business venture.

The corporate and brand name will be based on astro Numerology. Along with the names, we will also advise auspicious time(Muhurta), the corporate color which are lucky to the organization. We will also suggest the technical details for printing the stationery of the company as to in which font and color it can be printed for maximizing the good impacts. The Propitiated & strengthening remedies through Zodiac Pendent(Kavach)/Gemstone therapy is also part of the package to improve the luck factor of the owners.