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Dream Analysis

Know your recurring dream analysis by famous and expert dream analyst astrologers at The Astrology Centre.

Dream interpretation

Dream interpretation can be a difficult process particularly when trying to interpret your own dream meanings. Dream analysis can be a way to understand the helpful and healing messages coming from your subconscious mind. Your subconscious mind is often desperately trying to get relevant, wise and meaningful messages to you to help you with your everyday life.

Psychic Dreams

Some people, myself included, are able to experience psychic dreams or prophetic dreams. These are termed precognitive dreams where future events and happenings can be foretold or prophesised. Often the prediction occurs in reality within a few hours of the psychic dream.

Focused Dreams

Focused dreams can help you to find answers that will truly benefit you. For the small and big questions in your life you can look towards your dreams to find the answers you need, the answers that are locked deep in your subconscious mind. With a little practice focused dreaming can be a valuable tool aiding your intuition and allowing you to make the right choices and decisions.

Recurring Dreams

Dreams normally contain messages from the subconscious mind or from psychic connections. Upon waking many people simply forget about their dreams or fail to pay attention to the messages.

But with recurring dreams worse still recurring nightmares, the message is so strong and powerful that attention must be paid to it.

Common Dreams

There are certain dreams that are common to many people. Common dreams like falling, being chased or being naked occur in lots of people’s dreams. What is fascinating is that although we may all be individuals with different backgrounds, different experiences and different perspectives we share such common dreams.