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Feng Shui Astro

Feng Shui Astrological solutions from experts at The Astrology Centre.

Feng Shui Astrology is the Vaastu Shastra from China. It is established by balancing laws of both Heaven and Earth to help one improve life by receiving positive Energy. It gives a highly satisfied experience. Feng Shui is not restricted to a particular religion. Feng Shui was originated in China but now it is adopted and practiced worldwide. The principle of Feng Shui gives a person happiness Wealth.

Literal meaning of Feng Shui is Wind- water. Feng Shui Consultant knows the right combination of air and water gives us benefits. Water, Earth, Wood, fire and Metals are the five positive circles which creates Feng Shui. According to Indian Vaastu Shastra we can change the negative energy into positive energy. Now days due to scarcity of land most of the factories, Apartments, Office, Shops and houses often have Vaastu Fault. To change negative energy into positive energy, our Feng Shui and Vaastu Expert suggests the use of some items which are very economical as compare to re-construction or alteration.

Feng Shui Useful Tips

There are a number of methods in this science to enhance our good luck and prosperity by blocking or minimizing the obstacles. This process is called Feng Shui correction. Our personal luck or prosperity is thus enhanced to a great level.

Six Wonderful Fengshui Tips:

  1. Aquarium with Gold Fish: Keeping some Gold Fish in an aquarium or fish bowl is a good way to bring good luck to your house. You need to keep 9 Gold Fish (8 Red or Golden and 1Black). The best place is our living room and place it on the East or South-east or North direction.
  2. Laughing Buddha: It is the most popular symbol of prosperity in Feng Shui. Success, Good Luck, Money all bless us if we keep a small statue of Laughing Buddha in our house.
  3.  Metal Turtle: The Turtle is a symbol of longevity. It is also considered good for Protection, Support and Prosperity. Place a metal model in a small bowl of water and keep it in your home’s North side.
  4. Bowl of Salt in Toilets: Toilets are considered as a place of bad energy. Since our body’s waste are received here, it attracts toxins and bacteria. To avoid this negative energy, just place a bowl of Unrefined Sea Salt (solid) in toilets. When it gets wet, replace the salt.
  5. No Open Shelves: It is nice to possess books and keep them in Shelf. But the problem arises when you keep them in open shelf as it is bad for you in Feng Shui. It may cause the occupants of the room fall ill. To avoid the risk, cover the shelf. Fixing door on the shelf will also help to reduce the bad effects.
  6. Crystals in North-East for Education Luck: Make use of the North-east corner of your house to enhance your children’s performance in exams. This area is the place of knowledge and education. Earth is the element of this area. Hang 8 Crystal Balls in the area to help students to achieve good scores in Examinations.