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Friendship And Match Making

By Match Making Ensure the Brightest part of Friendship Love Marriage & Married Life from best world famous astrologers at The Astrology Centre.

Astrology for Friendship Love & Life

Make it Sweet & Best ! ! !

There is a beautiful saying about marriage that “Marriages are made in heaven” but we are forgetting that Marriages are broken on earth. Success for a happy married life is begins with Kundli Milan. It is crucial and utmost necessity to their match Janam Kundli for attaining correct judgment on their suitability criteria. Amongst Hindus, marriage realizes the equality of partners in respect of Dharma, Artha, Karma and Moksha. In the Vedic Astrology of India, Kundali Matching is considered as a first stage of negotiating for an alliance. It should be considered beneath to all other factors such as: – physical fitness, mental abilities, cultural-social-economic status and many more.

We examine horoscopes for matching of ‘Gana or Kuta’ and from the viewpoint of ‘Mangali Dosha’. However this is entirely a wrong conception to match horoscopes for. Matching in Astrology means much more factors along with above specified factors. In the Astrology Centre we know a couple whose all 36 Gana points matched still there married life was full of complexity. On the other hand there are cases with only 4 or 5 Gana points matching couple lives happily ever even after their 30 years of marriage. Thus it clearly shows Practice of matching Gana should not be considered as the prime factor for Kundali Matching. Following factors need to be considered.

Life expectancy:

The Life expectancy of the prospective bride and groom should be checked and if there is a major difference then there is no use of matching further.

Similarity and Mental Compatibly:

The nature of the prospective bride and groom should be analyzed with extra care. It should be checked for behaviors, their keenness to help their married life, their anger, their affection for each other.

Child Birth:

Children bring a lot of expectation and dreams for the parents. Children also bring joy and happiness to the Parents and family that no other thing in this world can bring. The horoscopes are analyzed in this respect too. Both the horoscopes should have one child at least in their horoscope.


A healthy body and mind is must for a good and happy life. The horoscopes of the prospective bride and groom are checked for any major illness.

Divorce or Separation:

The horoscopes of the prospective bride and groom should be free from divorce. If it is seen in both the horoscopes, then major problem relating to this aspect will come up and hence there is no use of marrying. But if the problem is only in one horoscope then the intensity will be less.

Match Making:

A perfectly happy marriage hits a rough patch as soon as the love and romance fades away. Two individuals with distinct characteristics and personality traits can only make a marriage alliance successful only if there is mutual understanding and when the vital factors such as love and romance are both supplementary and complimentary. Without this subtle balance, life can turn to be a span of boredom and lackluster governed by human habits.