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Gem wearing Guide

Gem wearing Guide for you. Gemstones should be worn in respective fingers as indicated below unless especially advised by an expert astrologer at The Astrology Centre.

Guide for wearing Gemstone

  • Stones of contrary planets should not be worn touching each other.
  • The planets that don’t have their fingers, the stones be worn in friendly fingers.
  • The Gems/stone must be firstly dipped in milk and then washed in fresh water.
  • Ring should be worn after reciting its mantra given by Astrologer.
  • Gemstone can be worn as a ring, locket or amulet. One side of gem should touch the body for better results.
  • It should be worn on appropriate weekday in proper finger.
  • If the proper weekday cannot be waited for, its hora or vaar vela should be preferred.

We will also provide the suitable Day , Time and wearing Instructions for Gemstones.