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Strong remedies are suggested by scientific Astrologers at The Astrology Centre. Scientific basis of Gemstones astrology, gemological truth, effect & action of gemstones.

Gemology in Astrology is a scientific approach.

Required gemstones are suggested by famous & the best astrologers at The Astrology Centre. It is based on physical phenomenon such as rays, reflection, refraction, specific gravity, degree of hardness of gems etc. Gems are prescribed for a weak planet either by placement in a sign or a house or affect badly is the cause of a disease. The weakness of the planet can be removed by wearing relevant gem, there by relieving the pain or malady.

Good Luck & Fortune Fetching Gems

All Nine planets emits cosmic rays influence human mind and thoughts causing good and bad luck accordingly. Though all planets vibrations reveal their impact on humans but the strongest among all of them are birth planet rays that always surround him invisibly. These can be positive rays or negative rays. Negative vibrations can be transformed by selecting an appropriate gem as a result. Positive vibration engendered by an appropriate lucky gem suggested by astrologer will show their effect on human bodies producing beneficial results. Lucky gem should be selected only by Kundli Analysis prescribed by Expert Astrologers.

Wearing a lucky Gem not merely changes our bad luck into good, but also cures our ill health and brings about success in finance, business, job, education, and marriages, and bestows peace of mind. Gemstones are worn by the man to gain fortune, wealth and protection. These are mainly used to strengthen our favorable planets. The selection of gemstones is based on Vedic Astrological calculations, major planetary period and position of planets in your horoscope. These gemstones will give the Strongest results in your life. This Gemstones Consultancy report will determine the exact metal and gemstone based on your horoscope.

At The Astrology Centre, you will get the report which is thoroughly analyzed on the basis of Vedic Principles and astrological analysis. We will recommend you a correct gemstone which will boost your luck, prosperity, business, property, career, education, marriage and love relationship.

We will also provide the suitable Day , Time and wearing Instructions for the Gem Stone.