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Health Astrology

Medical Astrology – Health Profile

While we wish nobody should suffer on your health and lead a quality life. But, the fact is that we all tend to suffer from some or the other health related issues in our lifetime. Moreover, the stress of modern day living style and the one derived from our profession, further compounds up the health problems . Here Astrology can come to our aid. It not just can provide the areas / ailment one is likely to suffer in lifetime, hence take necessary precautions ahead of time, but can also help you make a choice between options available related to health decisions.

With the help of Astrology, the following information and aid has traditionally been given over the time :

  • In case of a person suffering from a particular ailment – When will the person be cured / will the ailment be cured or turn fatal ( in case of life threatening diseases)
  • In case of a doubt, about certain diseases where both medicine and surgery are the options ? Whether medicine or surgery is the right option to go for.
  • In case a one wants to know his/her medical profile . To get answers to – What kind of diseases are possible ;when are they likely to inflict, whether in young, middle, or old age ;What could be the astrological remedy to counter such evil effects of disease bearing planets.
  • Where a particular medical malady has more than one option of treatment like : Allopathy. Homeopathy or the other alternate medical treatments – What planetary combination are present leading to fastest recovery using one of the above mentioned treatments or by using a combination of treatments offered.

All of above is made possible with a specialized field of Astrology called Medical Astrology. It is still the most fascinating aspect to the modern science. Because, what Modern Science is working today on the theory of genes and chromosomes which engineer the human body leading to personality traits, looks and the kind of diseases you are vulnerable to, this option has been available in Indian Astrology since ages.

We have noticed that a lot of people have benefited by taking astrological advice regarding their health and have taken precautions when going through an adverse time astrologically. Leading to averting potentially fatal heart attacks / diet related disorders / getting health profiles done in cases related to Infertility. Hence have been enjoying good health and family happiness in a greater measure after adhering to astrological advice.