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Horoscope and Kundali Analysis

Horoscope and Kundali Analysis

The Vedic night is divided the circle of the sky into 27 sections. These divisions, separate from the Zodiac Signs, were used in ancient times to mark the movement of planets, especially the Moon against the main star groups that were located in or around those 27 sky sections.

The Moon sign prediction and the Star signs astrology are equally important because when the Moon crosses over the Yoga Tara (Star) or its group, it designates a specific Moon Nakshatra and signals the time to perform certain rituals (e.g.; yagnas) or to start or stop specific events (muhurtha).

The core understanding of personality and behavior is derived from the Horoscope Chart/ Birth Chart but is supplemented by a finer understanding of the Moon’s effects given by the Nakshatras or Moon signs. The Nakshatras are often identified relative to their position within the Horoscope Chart- as sub-constellations within the 12 signs of the Solar Zodiac.

Horoscope chart can be in a way said to be the image of yourself. Your Horoscope Chart is drawn from calculations based upon the date, time, and place of your birth. Your birth details are the most important factor in Vedic astrology . An astrologer analyzes this horoscopic chart and examines the patterns and factors which describe your personality and needs.

The Background

What always fascinates us to astrology is the fact that it tells us about our future. The future that is unknown and is coming to be explored, Astrology claims to be an inexact science that can tell us about the future. It is inexact cause like in science which has the same reasons and believes when it makes a theory, however, in astrology that is not the same.

There is no defined theory and the derivations change from person to person. For example a moon in the eighth house of a horoscope might be very beneficial to few and not for others as it also depends on the position of the other planets. This is exactly why astrology has been challenged by many scientists in the past.

There are many advantages. It tells you about the problems that you are facing and exactly why. There might be some dosha in the chart that is creating trouble for you. With a simple puja or by wearing a stone you might be able to get rid of this problem. There may be problems like in spite of studying hard you are not able to do well in your exams, you might have problems in handling people and relationships, there are possibilities that in spite of being very serious about your work you don’t get promoted and have issues with your boss and subordinates. Astrology can provide solutions to harmonize these issues.

These may look like behavior issues but you will be surprised to know that how these problems can be solved with astrology. It is possible that you lack confidence as a result you are not able to do well in your exams, a weak sun or Jupiter in your horoscope can be a reason for it. You can remove this or reduce it by wearing a suitable stone like say diamond or any other suitable stone. Similarly you might not be diplomatic enough to get along with your boss this might happen due to a weak mars. Again some stones are of a lot help.

Some people are skeptical about how a stone can affect your nature? Well the answer is yes it can when you wear a stone it is in touch with your skin. The energies and the forces in the stone get into your body and they make a good amount of change in the way you behave. A diamond or emerald is recommended to some women who are not getting married for a long time. These stones are believed to be so strong that they can attract men towards you and also have the ability to make women handle a relationship better.

Childless couples can also use this service to have a healthy and strong baby. These issues are very common and it is proved time and again that the solutions can be provided in astrology. If you have any of these problems or some other problem then you must try out the service of free astrology chart and horoscope reading. It might change your life forever and better. You perhaps have nothing to lose in this deal.

Now that you know the advantages you might want to get one for yourself and your family. You just need to provide your birth details like your name, the place where you were born, the exact time of birth (a slight mistake in this can make a huge difference to your astrology cart) and the city and country of birth (this helps the astrologers to get the latitude and longitude of the place of birth).

When you provide all these details in email , we will generate a free astrology chart for you. It will be sent to your personal email id. The service that is free of cost and you will get a reliable free astrology chart. If required you can also get a paid horoscope reading done from us.

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