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Online Astrology Consultation for all your query & unsolved problems related to related to Education, Career, Foreign Travel, Transfer, Promotion, Love, Children, Marriage, Compatibility, Divorce, Money, Partnership, Business, Property, Enemies, Legal and Health.

Now Find Answer & Solutions to all Your Following Problems@ The Astrology Centre

  • Love / Romance
  • Marriage
  • Friendship
  • Profession / Career
  • Business
  • Wealth
  • Vaastu
  • Dream interpretation
  • Family
  • Progeny
  • Health
  • Fortune
  • Property
  • Education
  • Foreign Travels
  • Lucky Name / Color
  • Numerology Predictions
  • Color Therapy
  • Muharat
  • Legal & Litigations
  • Buy / Sell

Everybody have many question about life in their mind for lifelong. For this they are looking for some answers to their most important questions. Here are the various related questions which one may keep in mind like love affairs, divorce, career, study matters and promotion etc. if you have these questions in their mind about future and then for you we have complete answers and solution for all of these questions. Some of the common question which is frequently asked is as:

Love & Friendship:

  • Can I trust my friend?
  • How long will our friendship last?
  • When will I find my true love?
  • What kind of partner will I get?
  • Is my lover loyal to me?
  • Does my ex-lover still love me?


  • When will I get married?
  • Will I marry the guy/girl I’m in love?
  • How would be my married life?
  • Will I ever get married?
  • Will I get married abroad?
  • I am facing many hurdles in getting married. What shall I do?
  • Is my marriage love or arranged?
  • Will my love affair continue even after I get married?
  • What would be my financial status after I get married?
  • Will I get divorced, and if yes, when?
  • Is there any possibility of re-marriage in my life?

Career :

  • When will I get a good job?
  • Will I be able to get a Government job?
  • Can I continue with my current career?
  • When will I get a promotion?
  • Will my career be successful?
  • Will I be able to establish myself in Politics?
  • Which profession would be best for me?
  • Will I be able to make my career in Film Industry?
  • I wish to become a successful Model. Will it be possible and when?
  • I am a struggler in film industry. When will I be able to establish myself?


  • Will my business make money?
  • When can I start a new business?
  • Will I be able to achieve a good level in real estate business?
  • Which business would be best for me?
  • I am changing my business time and again. What shall I do to establish myself?
  • Will I be able to establish a big industry?
  • Will I be able to do business linked to abroad?
  • I am a Doctor. Will I be able to establish my own clinic?
  • I am an engineer. Will I be able to establish my own consultancy firm?
  • Will I be successful in Jewelry business?
  • Will I be able to start my own restaurant?


  • Where would I settle down in life?
  • Will my family get combined?
  • When will the problems in my family be ended?


  • When will I have a baby?
  • Will I have another baby?
  • I am facing problems in conceiving. What shall I do?
  • My child carries bad health. What shall I do?
  • Will my child get a job abroad?
  • Will my child settle abroad?


  • What should I do to heal the disease which I’m suffering from?
  • Will my health condition get better?
  • When will my child’s health improve?
  • My spouse carries bad health. When will he/she improve?


  • Which name would be luckier for me?
  • What does my future hold for me?
  • When will I get rich?
  • When will my fortune change?
  • Which Lucky Stone should I wear?
  • When will I get rid of repeated failures in life?

Wealth & Property :

  • When will I buy my dream house?
  • When will I buy my dream car?
  • Will I get back my Property after legal proceedings?
  • Will I be able to buy a commercial property?
  • Will I be able to sell my property and when?
  • Will I ever earn a rental income through my property?
  • Will I be able a get a share in the parental property?
  • I am trying to buy a property in prime location. Will I succeed?
  • Will I be able to change my residence and when?
  • Will I be able to buy a property abroad?


  • Which stream of studies would suit me?
  • Can I continue my studies?
  • Will I be able to pass my exams?
  • What should I do to concentrate on my studies?
  • Will I be able to pursue overseas studies?

Foreign Travels:

  • Will I have foreign travels in my life?
  • Will my foreign posting be smooth and successful?
  • Will my travel abroad fetch me gains in business?
  • Will I be able to settle abroad?


  • Will I face any legal problem from Government side?
  • Will I face a legal problem abroad?
  • Will I face a jail term in the running litigation case?
  • Will I win a litigation case against my spouse?
  • Will my property go to litigation?

All the answer of your questions is given by astrologer based on Honorary Astrology and Vedic Astrology birth time Horoscopes.

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