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Numerological Solutions

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Numerology & Name

Numerology is the science of numbers which reveals their immense potentialities. Every human Being has problems. The major problem is pain and sorrow and attainment of exclusive pleasure and happiness. The only solution for this problem is approaching it in numerological way and fixing a name on that basic. The science of numerology has the power to influence our lives, whether we believe in it or not. Numbers have the power to rule us whether we believe it or not.

Effects of Numerology on Human Beings

The moment a man is born, he is governed by certain numbers. These numbers start influencing his life. He is identified only by name and a number representing that name although he may not recognize them, he connect escape the influence of that number. As one grows older, year by year, numbers will be interwoven in his life. He will get success or failure, complete his education, and start his career according to the influence of the number on his life. Numbers are very powerful and have divinity. Each number has a peculiar electromagnetic power by which the events in his life are profoundly influenced. The chief number which influence or shapes a man’s life is his birth number. The birth number has an influence on his mental capacity, profession, family background and all other incidents in his life. According to the date of birth, there are 9 Numbers – 1 to 9 – each of which is represented by a plant the planets are assigned numbers.

Numerology & Name Structures

There is a special importance of first alphabets of a name. It decides Zodiac sign & Nakshatra. There is a tradition in same part of India to change the name of a women according to her husband name. There is a tradition in some part of India, in some kingdom & in British Kingdom to keep the name of eldest grandson on his grandfather name. In Yehudi communities, the diving person is taken to a temple to change his name so that he may survive. At the time of talking the charge & renunciation, name is changed to end the rites associated with domestic life.