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Progeny & Motherhood

Proven solutions & astro spiritual remedies by famous astrologer at the Astrology Centre. Childlessness, Motherhood, Pregnancy Horoscope, progeny astrology.


A new life coming will hold the entire family together. Without a child, life seems meaningless. Thus, childbirth is the most valuable issue in Pregnancy Horoscope that comes up at an astrologer’s desk. The Pregnancy astrology can be predicted by seeing the 5th house of Natal Chart in Birth chart astrology India that is the house of progeny. The planet that rules 5th house and its relationships with the lord of the sign in which the 5th house is positioned is a very important aspect for all parents.

We Astrologers look for:

  • Is there any childlessness in the horoscope of parents?
  • Will there be any delayed birth of child in family?
  • Are there being any chances of mishaps or miscarriages to child birth?
  • Birth of child and its periods.
  • Any delay to child birth or total denial.
  • Is there major curse like Pitrudosh / Sarpadosh in horoscope ?
  • Suggest an effective astrospiritual remedy.

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If medically everything is right then, the Basic cause of repeated mis conceiving lies in Curses like Pitrudosh or Sarpadosh or Kalsarpa yog present in Horoscope.

Strong Astrospiritual remedies & solutions are available to remove above curses.