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Vaastu & Wealth

Vaastu solutions by Famous Astrologer & Vaastu expert at The Astrology Centre. Get your home purified & positively charged with our proven solutions.

Vaastu Astrology for Happiness.

Vaastu is related as a science that deals with creation of concord energy field within a structure. At The Astrology Centre, Vaastu is considered as a pure science. It is basically a structure science to derive out and appreciate the benefits from it.

Over the surface of earth there are forces that interact with each other and release bio-energy. When structures are established over the surface of the earth, they come in way of natural interaction. Thus the forces also enter into the structure and continue to interact. On the various factors like levels, water bodies, door placements etc the intensity of positive or negative force marks its presence.

An ideal structure should be made such that positive forces override negative forces then even if negative forces react with positive forces; they create positive cosmic bio energy. In such an atmosphere your mind is calm and relaxed and body feels healthy and strong. It creates positivity around you and makes your approaches positive and hence the result will automatically follow. Everyone coming under such atmosphere will be happier and satisfied. A family living in such condition will flourish and blessed.

On the other hand if a structure is constructed in which negative force over power the positive forces then a weak bio sphere is formed. The over bearing of negative field make your body tends to be more prone to disease, distress and many other types. The mind is strained and always worried about such things which form a vicious cycle around and then magnifies all kinds of sufferings.

Thus Vaastu Shastra collectively means an ancient art and science containing principles and practice of constructing buildings to attain a harmonious balance between man and nature and thereby bringing happiness, health, wealth and prosperity.

Vaastu is not any magic rather it’s about physical, psychological and spiritual order of environment that release energies in the cosmic universe. In Vaastu Shastra rules to create ideal condition for living by connecting individual life with cosmic life are already prescribed. Vaastu is the most developed view in which human, creature and nature live in harmony.

Vaastu and selection of Colors

colors surrounding show an impact on human heart, mind and intuitions. Studies by research and colors experts reveals the importance of colors in our lives, and colors influencing our atmosphere, thought and health. Like music waves shows its affect on human moods, similarly colors also influence human minds. The seven rays are the strength of our colorful world. Perfect usage of color in a space or building gives happiness, satisfaction, cooperation, intimacy understanding.

Vaastu expert suggests the color of the building should be according to the zodiac sign of the owner. Whereas some astrologers suggest the color of the space should be connected to the strongest planet of the “kundli” of the owner. While others say that use of color should be according to the name and number of the owner.

Useful colors for the different parts of the building


light green, light orange, light yellow & white.

Drawing Room

light pink, light orange, yellow, green, light blue, light brown.

Worship Room

Orange, yellow, blue purple & white.

Dining room

light green, blue & orange.

Bed room

Pink, blue, light blue, violet, light, green, peacock blue.

Bath room

Green, Indigo (Light-blue), white, grey & pink.

Study room

light orange, light yellow, peacock blue, light green & violet.


Blue, Violet.