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Yantra Remedy

According to the Shastras & Vedas Yantra is called an equipment or mystical diagrams of various mystical signs and writings. It is believed that yantras holds the power & status a month the consult sciences & used widely for remove the evils & adversities in one’s life & fulfilling desires overall prosperity luck & attain spiritual growth.

It is beneficial to perform the puja of the yantras in an auspicious elected time to get maximum benefic results. One should also offer puja samagri i.e. Fruits, Flowers, betal nuts, etc, to lit incense sticks or lamps in front of its & recite beej Mantra of the diety.

Shree Yantra

For all round prosperity & supreme Energy The Shree Yantra is the Personification of Goddess Laxmi possessed by Lord Brahma, the creator of Universe & Praised by Lord Vishnu, the lord of Earth if worshipped in (Installed) in Auspiciously elected time provide peace, good health, wealth, Prosperity & Harmony and makes everything work for you in an orderly manner. Shree Yantra is deeply connected with Vastu Because of his Magnificent Magnetic Power to remove all vastu dosha of Home/ work place this Yantra is 24 carat gold plated and is embossed on a plate of pure copper.

Baglamukhi Yantra for success in quarrels and law suits.

The Baglamukhi Yantra is a very powerful & useful for law suits, victory over enemies, success in competitions. The worship of this Yantra in an auspicious time will provide success over enemies & Quarrels. This Yantra is 24 carat gold plated made of pure copper.

Kuber Yantra for Wealth and Prosperity

The Kuber Yantra provide wealth & prosperity for its worshipper this yantra is very effective & blesses the worshipper financial prosperity & wealth. Keep this Yantra in cash box, Almirah or in home temple.

Mahamrityunjay Yantra

The Maha Mritunjay Yantra is the worship of Lord Shiva and is most auspicious and bestows the person with longlife, health, wealth, happiness & good fortune & dispels all sort of fears, impact of evil planets, accident & serious illness. This Yantra is embossed on a Pure Copper & 24 Carrat gold Plated.

Gayatri Yantra for Magnetic Power & Status

This Yantra is kept in your home business after worship (pooja) in an auspicious elected time blessed with status, health wealth power & happiness. This Yantra is embossed on a pure copper plate & 24 carat gold plated

Mahalaxmi Yantra Brings success & prosperity

The Mahalaxmi Yantra is an auspicious Yantra can be placed in a cash box , Almirah, temple of your home after pran pratishtha (worshiping) in auspicious elected time. This Yantra is embossed on a copper plate & 24 caret gold plated.

Other Purpose oriented Yantras:

Yantra for Prosperity
1. Durga bisa yantra
2. Ganesh yantra
3. Meru yantra
4. Ramrakhshya yantra
5. Navgrha yantra
6. Sarv karya siddhi yantra
7. Vastu yantra
8. Shree yantra

Yantra for Enemies
1.Bagla Mukhi yantra
2.Maha Kali yantra
3. Hanuman yantra
4. Shree yantra

Yantra for Attraction
1. Sukra yantra
2. Vasikaran yantra
3. Shree yantra

Yantra for Planets
1. Surya yantra
2. Chandarma yantra
3. Mangal yantra
4. Budh yantra
5. Sukra yantra
6. Shani yantra
7. Guru yantra
8. Rau yantra
9. Ketu yantra

Yantra for Wealth
1. Shree yantra
2. Kuber yantra
3. Maha Laxmi yantra
4. Asta laxmi yantra
5. Maha Ganesh yantra

Yantra for Child
1. Putra Prapti yantra
2. Santan gopal yantra

Yantra for Business
1. Business yantra
2. Vyapar vrudhi yantra
3. subh Labh yantra
4. Sarv karya Siddhi yantra
5. Shree yantra

Yantra for Health
1.Maha mritunjya yantra
2.Mangal yantra
3. Kalsarpyog yantra
4.Surya yantra
5. Shree yantra

Yantra for Education
1. Gayatri yantra
2. Shree yantra
3. Sarswati yantra